Dear Callaway,

Dear Callaway,

As fate would have it, you showed up on our door step one very cold November day. You ran away from home, and our cousin, (we’ve dubbed as your social worker), found you and delivered you in perfect condition. You peed on my carpeting when you first came through our front door, but you’ve forever left your mark, mostly in our hearts.

You were 6 months old when we rescued you, and have grown into a mature and beautiful dog. You have lived up to your breeds expectations, as an American Pit Bull. You are sweet, gentle, loyal and energetic. I’m so happy you have taught me to judge you for you, and not for previous mistreatings done to your peers.

You do not speak English, and you do not have thumbs, so I’ve learned to appreciate your exaggerated gestures. I don’t get frustrated when you can’t put on your own leash or open the back door for 4am bathroom breaks. I love how you wiggle your butt when you are excited to go to the park, and I love how you throw your bowl against the wall when you are hungry. You are silly and smart and thank you for keeping me warm and safe at night.

We will never know where you came from, but your sweet and gentle ways tell me you have always been loved. We are honored to be your adopted mom and dad. We are excited to give you little brothers and sisters to guard and befriend.
Callie, you are my sweet heart, my best friend and the occasional goober face.

Your mom & dad


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