Dear Tura Lu,

Dear Tura Lu,

Spending every day with you enriches my life. Your way of being in the world reminds me to see the magic all around us, from chipmonks to the neighborhood moose. Your adoration is beyond anything I ever thought I would deserve. You have taught me about self esteem and unconditional love. I love our walks each day and watching you look for new smells. I call it “reading your mail”. I love that you want to spend time in nature with me. I love the life we share as friends. How you love me makes me feel so special, but it is YOU who is special. It is you who keeps my heart open to the newness of life’s experiences.

In case you didn’t know already, you are a show stopper in beauty. Who knew you would draw so much attention. People just love you and want to touch you when they see you. You brighten their day just a little. I remember the day when we were in a store and this little girl wanted to pet you and you went down on your knees to make it easier for her. Despite your hundred pound sized body, you are so kind and gentle with everyone you come in contact with.

I call you “Rainbow Maker” when you shake that great black coat of fur drenched in lake water. You make my heart sing and me laugh just by the way you prance around. I love to watch you sitting outside especially on the snowy days, observing the life around you. This simple and natural act puts me in a peaceful state of being. I think it is your doggie wisdom time. Wishing for many more hours together in peaceful quietness. You bring me home to myself.

I am great – full for sharing your life with me.

Love you – Love you!!!

Your Fairy Dog Mom


  1. Darling I’ll be yours forever ’cause I never wanna be without love.

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