Dear Mimi,

Dear Mimi,

You are our big, sweet, goofball. We heard your story from the organization who rescued you. The night they saved you from a high-kill shelter you gave birth to what the vet said was one of many litters you’ve had. You were a wonderful mommy to those pups, and then you suffered from a terrible case of heartworm that nearly claimed you. You fought that for months, even coughing up blood.

You finally healed and we were able to adopt you. We don’t officially know your history (or even your age – the rescue group put you between 3 and 8!), but as you adjusted to life with us it became clear you had only ever lived in a cage. You were confused about walking from a carpeted room onto tile, and would just stand at the threshold staring at the different floor in front of you. You had to be taught to go up the stairs, and we had to carry all 65 lbs of you up and down them at bedtime until you mastered it (lest we couldn’t have you join our pack for good sleeping!). You had some small aggression issues toward our other animals that we smoothed out over time.

I am so proud of how far you have come in the 2 1/2 years since you adopted us. You mastered the stairs and flooring issues within the first week. You are the biggest sweetie now and even when our little bossy cat Sheriff Abbey whacks you on the head for no reason you sit like a meditating monk. You are exceptionally gentle with the children (perhaps from all the maternal experience you have under your belt), even the baby as she climbs on top of you, lays down, and makes cooing noises while patting your head. She is telling you she loves you, and she speaks for all of us. We are so lucky to have our big, soft, sweet, squishy, Mimi Moomoo.


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