Dear Stormy,

Love You More!


Your dad, who happens to also be my husband, has often accused me of loving you more than him. While I have denied this for some years, I finally had to tell him, that, yes, I do love you more.

Things would have been different if he had run to the back door to greet me whenever I came home, jumped up and down whenever I wanted to go for a walk, sat quietly and attentively waiting for dinner no matter what I was cooking, came immediately whenever I called his name and/or happily watched all my favorite TV shows while licking my legs. It was really quite simple.

Oh, well, yes! I do love him. Just not as much.

You sweet thing—



  1. Thais says:

    Great post…and pic! Both made me smile…Thank you! Thais (aka Vito’s mom)

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