Dear Ellie Love,

Dear Ellie,

What would I do without you? You are the love of my life. Adopting you at 10 weeks was the best decision I ever made. I locked eyes with you and knew we were destined to be a family. The joy you have for life rubs off on me every day and I smile every time I look at your gorgeous face. I love that you try to steal my spot in the bed if I get up for any reason; I love even more the way you turn over with your arms and legs in the air for a tummy rub; I love the way you kiss my face until I can’t breathe; I love the way you saved me from the pain of losing my Maxy after 15 years; I love your excitement when we get your collar out to go to the park, the beach, day camp, grandma’s house or anywhere for that matter. You’re the perfect companion. You are always up for any adventure.

In your first year I have taken you on many trips, but I think your favorite was to Big Bear Mountain where we would hike and search for those lizards you love. It might be a small obsession for you and I might have to worry later if things get out of hand, but for now, the joy you have for those little things that move in the bushes makes me grin from ear to ear. It feels my heart with much joy.

I was really scared when I adopted you because I wasn’t sure I was ready to give my heart again after losing Maxy, but I can tell you (show you) that I love you more than anything else in the world! We have bonded and connected in a way I didn’t think was possible. You bring joy to my life in every way. Your morning enthusiasm gets me out of bed; your afternoon tenderness and love motivates me to make it thru the rest of my day; and your excitement to see me in the evenings is the reason I live!

You have brought me the joy and love I needed in my life. You are the sun that never stops shining. You are my faithful and loyal companion. I can count on you for everything. We are inseparable and I promise to take you with me everywhere I go. Thank you for being the best dog ever and filling my heart with the joy and love I was missing. I adore you with every fiber of my being and the happiness you bring to my life is beyond words, instead I will show you!

Love Always from Your Mommy,



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