Dear Monkey,













I thought I was the one rescuing you, but I would quickly learn that it was you who rescued me.

After picking you up at the shelter, I couldn’t believe how fast you would get into my heart. In all of my life I’ve never seen a dog with so much character, so much personality, so much life. I knew you could never replace my beloved Ali, who would have been your big sister, but you showed me I could love again.

People stop me all the time and say, “she is so cute, what kind of dog is she?” and I proudly proclaim, “she’s a one-of-a-kind!”

Thank you for giving me a reason to make up ridiculous songs and sing them to you, for letting me kiss your face a thousand times a day but most of all, thank you for reminding me of the unconditional love a dog can give.

I love you so,


(Robin Layton)


  1. Leigh says:

    Enchanting letter and backs up exactly how I feel about my dog Cosmo who rescued me 6 years ago when we were living in Dubai, at the time I thought I was saving him but in the end he has saved me……he is my reason for getting up, even if he does divebomb my head…….but you resist his giggle and laugh and when he gently taps my cheek with his paw to say…..I love you mum……he melts my heart all over again xxx

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