Dear Annabelle,

Dear Annabelle,

My little munchkin muffin. I have to admit that I got your for pretty selfish reasons. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps and having a hard time finding ways to be happy. I thought you would help my loneliness and fill my heart in ways that I couldn’t do on my own. And when I saw you that fall day with all of your brothers and sisters, and you were prancing around like you owned the joint, I knew we were peas in a pod.

From day one, you were the most amazing, independent person (yes, person) I have ever met. You found ways to open closed doors (seriously) and jump over high barriers that were meant to keep you in the kitchen. My roommates and I watched in amazement as you overcame every obstacle we tried to place in front of you. But the biggest obstacle of all was when you ran into those mean dogs in the neighborhood. You just went up to say hi and give them a little hug, and they had other plans. They took your eye but they couldn’t take your spirit. Your ability to bounce back from that evening taught me to overcome my fears and to forgive. Even after your experience, you were never scared of other dogs and never hesitated to give other friends in the park the benefit of the doubt.

I got you for selfish reasons, but you taught me how to put others first. Just thinking about you brings the biggest smile to my face. And I use your character to motivate me to be independent, fearless, and forgiving. You are the perfect best friend. And not only because I have to spend at least a minute calming you down because you get over-excited when I walk in the door. You have changed my life.



  1. Jean says:

    Touched my heart! Have a teeny tiny Maltese…she needs a sibling. King Cavalier luv!

  2. Ellen Hilburn says:

    As I always say, dogs are the best people and the people I want to spend most of my time with. The people on two legs, for the most part, I can do without.

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