Dear Raegan,

Dear Raegan,

Puppy girl, sometimes people ask me if I believe in love at first sight. I have to say that I do because I fell in love with YOU at first sight. The photo in this letter is the very first image that I saw of your face when you were a tiny puppy still living in Australia. I fell in love, right then and there, as you appeared on my computer screen.

When you were just ten weeks old, you made the big journey from Australia to LA to NJ. I could not wait for you to arrive so that I could give you a life full of love and happiness. I was also excited because I knew that you were going to add so much to MY life. As soon as you came off the plane and were in my arms, my heart melted. I was officially head over heels and wrapped around your paw. You have exceeded every expectation that I have had of you in every single way.

You are a kind little girl. You love everyone and you are always happy. You have a very funny personality. I laugh several times a day because of you! You are so intuitive. You know not to jump on your Great-Grandma and, instead, you sit at her feet and let her play with the cute curls on your head. You are a first-rate travel companion. You were a perfect gem through our two cross-country drives together. You are a fabulous sleeper! Our naps together are THE BEST!

There has not been a day in your life that I have not enjoyed being with you. As I am sure that you know, I love every moment that we spend together. You are my little sweetheart and it is so much easier to take you with me when I go out than to leave you at home. When I do go out without you, it sometimes feels odd. You see, Raegan, our lives have blended together so nicely and I love our bond. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way!

I am trying to think of our most special day together and SO MANY come to mind! I loved seeing you swim in the Chesapeake Bay with your cousins for the first time. I have loved blowing out your birthday cake candles with you at each of your birthday parties. I loved sitting at the edge of the rocks with you (and scaring your Grandma!) at Petrified Forest National Park. I loved finding out that you have a sophisticated palate and enjoy Japanese food! I have loved all of it!

I could continue typing forever but, ultimately, I love you more than words could ever say! You are special, you are loved and I am beyond lucky that you are MINE!



  1. Very sweet letter. I know so much how you feel.

    We have a standard size, auburn dachshund, Leon, who is the love of our life. He was somewhat rescued as he came to live with us when he was 1-year old from a Daddy that didn’t love or want him. He came to the right house, he’s an only dog who gets all of our love and attention.

    Here’s a link to a story (and picture) I wrote about our Leon:

    Cynthia Briggs, Cookbook Author

  2. Thanks to all of my friends, family, strangers and dog-lovers who are “liking” my letter! I am so glad that you all appreciate the love and bond that I have with my puppy girl, Raegan! You guys are the best! XO- LH & RH

  3. Evelyn says:

    I know exactly how you feel. My family fell in love with Gwen at first site. She was only a few weeks old but full of life. She is our love, joy, and everything in our lives. We celebrate her birthday every Oct. 17 which is coming up soon and give her presents. We couldn’t imagine life without her.. She always gets us to smile no matter what the day brings..

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