Dear Piper,

Dear Piper,

My friends have frequently teasingly accused me of loving my dogs more than my children and my relationship with you is the reason why such accusations can (sometimes accurately) be made. As my children age, I must candidly confess, a fraction of their pictures are slowly replaced to make room for those of equal parts grandchildren and you – typically running with insurmountable happiness on the beach, elegantly posing with a red rose collar for your sister’s (my daughter’s) wedding, or with a muddy, guilty face at the back door, signaling to me that you’ve had your unauthorized fun and you’re ready to be rinsed off.

While I love and adore my children as much as any mother can and I am sincerely proud of all of their numerous accomplishments, you provide me with a different type of motherhood fulfillment. First, your excitement when you see a bird or squirrel in our backyard or when you look at me to ensure that I’ve given you the go ahead to run on the beach, constantly reminds me to be grateful for the simple things in life that can so easily be taken for granted. It takes so little to make you happy – dad coming home from work, chasing your Jack Russell sister Meg in the back yard, dinner time – that I cannot help but be more appreciative of all, and especially those, who surround me. Your unwavering joy reminds me that I have no reason to not be equally as happy and content with the life we share.

Second, you have taught me the true definition of unconditional love. Despite my mood or my time constraints or my behavior, you love me without question, hesitation, or doubt and you demonstrate it with unending affection. I adore that you are a 35 lb lap dog and that you think highly enough of me that you constantly want to be with me, following me from room to room. You love me without argument, without judgment, and without discussion. You love me, regardless and in spite, of me, like no other being can.

The depth of my gratitude for your loyalty, kind heart, and compassion cannot be encompassed in mere words. My hope for you is that you feel as if I have imparted upon you, one ounce of the love you have demonstrated to me. If I have, you’re heart is full and you know that you are a very special and loved dog.

Your mother,
Catharine Culp


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